A National Organization of Independent Voters and Candidates

Why an Independent Organization? Because America IS broke … and desperately needs fixed

MajorityVoteRules.Org was created by Dr. Bob Ross and Peter James for the purpose of reducing the negative impact of out-of-control, international corporations on our lives, our environment, and our planet. We intend to achieve that goal by encouraging the public to help make reforms in three basic areas:

  1. Government
  2. Corporations
  3. Information

We will be sharing information, making suggestions, and providing tools that will hopefully allow us to gain a greater voice in our governance, reduce the capacity for corporations to negatively impact our lives, and improve the accuracy and balance of the information we receive. We currently live in increasingly harder times — with the notable exception of the super-rich — and all trends indicate that the times will only get worse if we don’t make some smart choices — soon. Smart choices demand good ideas and good information, and that’s what we hope to provide on our website. But most of all, we hope to stimulate smart readers like you to get more actively involved in helping the rest of us solve some monumental problems. Thank you for your interest and we welcome you to our organization and our mission, should you choose to accept it.

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